Artificial Intelligence

8 Inventions and Technologies that could change our World

8 Inventions and Technologies that could change our World. These are some of the most amazing inventions yet! Technology that will change the way we do things, and possibly our world! Astounding technology in development.

Change the way you are heating your home or office

Heating is an interesting concept as finding a way to heat up our rooms can be another way to lower our carbon foot prints. Switching the way you heat your home or office, to a renewable energy source can be of benefit to both you and the planet.

Cell Phones developed from Gadget to Device

Devices are not gadgets, a Gadget is like the joystick for your game,  where as a device is more like a personal computer.  The laptop or tablet and some Smartphones do not necessarily meet what is considered a gadget.

Time to invest into renewable energy

It is time to invest into renewable energy that can generate electricity. This is an easy option as there are many ideas and some solutions already in development.  As we continue to work on how to  generate electricity from renewable only energy options, we will eventually come up with the ultimate solutions.